Whether you are flying 40,000 feet in the air, at a concert or even shopping in your favorite store, being a member of a club has its advantages. One advantage of being a member in any particular club is being able to enjoy experiences that others are not able to. Although #RashonsDinnerSeries is open to the public, our dinner events are only available to registered members. 

Why do we have a membership?

Membership ensures we have the right people at the table. Our dinner series is not just about food. It is about bringing people together to create friendships that will go beyond the table and become part of each dinner guest's life.

Our dinners are always intimate and private. 

Each dinner features a local chef showcasing his or her culinary prowess in a 4 to 7 course meal that is sure to delight each guest's anticipatory appetite. 

We craft each dinner based on the focus of the dinner and hand pick each guest we feel will be best suited for the occasion. Sometimes dinner will have a special guest, an acoustic solo artist, or maybe a magician. You never know until you register and fill out a profile. 

#RashonsDinnerSeries will host one dinner every month for a minimum total of 12 dinners for the year. 

Members will be able selected to attend two dinners of the 12 dinners we host. 

Please fill out the form below to be considered for membership. 

Please note that all dinners are paid upfront at the time of becoming a member. You are considered a member, when your membership has been paid. 

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